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Do you want your child to improve focus, concentration & thinking skills?

Chess is the best game to enhance your child’s intellectual growth & thinking skills. Join our program to unlock the benefits of Chess. After school & weekends options available.


Must see message from Bharath Divyang, IIT - IIM Alumni
Founder & CEO, ZugZwang Academy


Enrol your child at ZugZwang Academy to unlock the benefits of our Unique Methodology and Pedagogy.


Structured Approach

Rank-level structured approach to mastery


World’s Best Pedagogy

Based on how a child’s brain learns


Top Class Coaches

Experienced, trained & top-rated coaches


Chess Portals

Access to gamified chess portals to enhance learning


Million Puzzles

AI based million plus puzzles from actual games


Life Skills

Learn 21st century Life Skills

10th Academic Year

Any education is impactful only with insights. What we've learned over 10 years are the insights on how children learn and excel. This has helped us craft courses, classes, programs and experiences that transfer children's fundamental thinking skills. And our stats do the talking


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Coaches & Mentors

Transform your child's life through Fluid Intelligence


When we were looking for an online chess coach for my son, we came to know about ZugZwang chess academy. I can see a remarkable progress in my son after being coached by ZugZwang. I highly recommend ZugZwang chess academy for a enriching learning experience.

testimonial Anuradha Mother of Siddharth

A very disciplined and best academy to learn chess. Very focussed, healthy timely tournaments and regular practice sessions with good feedback and techniques taught. Bharath sir is remarkable with complete focus on kids and individual attention.

testimonial Beena Parent of Zoya

Benefits of Fluid Intelligence

Fluid Intelligence is the ability to think about & solve complex problems through a systematic and structured approach.

Logical Reasoning

Master logical reasoning through Chess Studies

Critical Thinking

Enhance critical thinking through Endgame Tactics

Problem Solving

Master problem solving through Middle game Puzzles

Decision Making

Learn the science of decision making through gameplay

Strategic Thinking

Analyze grand master games to understand strategy

Analytical Thinking

Learn the art of analysis through Chess

Why is it important to learn Chess?


Flexible Programs

Programs are based on skills with flexibility to change levels when the child is ready


Flexible Hours

Choose the hours & batches that work best for you


Flexibile Duration

You can choose any duration (monthly, quarterly or annual) that works for you


Enjoy the Experience

The Chess program is crafted for maximum engagement and flexibility

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